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since 1971


We have been manufacturing friction materials for the brake and clutch segment for more than 51 years. We support our clients to start a business from scratch and transform it into a profitable and solid company. We are proud to see how many of our clients, Parents without further studies, trusted our support and emerged in each of their ventures supporting the family and giving university education to their new generations, transforming them into successful professionals.

We gave credit to people who only had their word for support and we witnessed how they did the impossible to be able to comply. We were born in a time when things were done differently, where trust and transparency were worth more than anything else. A time when one sought support from its suppliers, being allies in their mutual growth.


For this same reason, many of Indubal's clients 51 years ago are still Indubal's clients today.


Our greatest commitment is with our customers and with the quality of our products. We certify all our production processes under the ISO 9001 standard and periodically send our finished products to external laboratories for certification.

Certified under the International ISO 9001:2015 standard and by the Germanischer Lloyds American Petroleum Institute.


Quality products superior

We have the largest assortment of friction spare parts
from Latin America.

Our commercial allies certify the resistance, durability and quality of our products.

We are constantly updating technology.


we are leaders

For sale of friction spare parts.

In Latin America, the first to manufacture without asbestos in
his formulations.

We manufacture for the most important companies in the




Located in Santiago de Chile, on a site with 40,000 square meters of land and 30,000 built square meters, all our facilities have production equipment, laboratories for quality control, warehouses to maintain and preserve raw materials, and rest and recreation areas for Ours contributors.




Putting the needs of our customers and workers first, manufacturing products that exceed their expectations and ensuring that our activity generates  the maximum benefit for the community.​


Using our business as a means to inspire other companies to implement best practices and be more responsible with the environment and their workers, in addition to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in all areas of business life.


To be recognized for the quality of our products and the commitment to the success of our customers. We will stand out for our operational excellence and responsibility towards the environment and the people with whom we interact.

Quality Policies

We believe in a job well done. We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment, the  community and our collaborators; That is why we care about building a better world, through sustainable and quality products. We continuously test and certify our products to guarantee our customers the best service.

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