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Heavy Duty Brake Pads

Main attributes

  • Developed specifically for complex terrains, severe climate conditions and rough drivers

  • 100% noise free guarantee

  • Longer life than other competitors

  • Friendly with rotor and caliper components because of its heat dissipation properties.

  • Will not transfer heat to rubber parts and grease making brake system last longer.

Our formulation

When you make the best, you only need one


  • Formulation with low iron content for greater care of the brake disc 

  • High density of the material allows better resistance to temperature and more efficient dissipation of the energy captured in the system. 

  • Friction Graduation:  gf

  •  Wear rate : 6.88%

  • Recommended for applications with low to medium demand.


  •  semi-metallic formulation with glass fibers and higher iron content that achieves better temperature dissipation and high friction coefficient

  • Ferrous metals provide stability against increases in temperature.

  • Friction Graduation:  gg

  •  Wear rate : 5.25%

  • Recommended for:

    • Trailers and trailers​

    • normal cargo trucks

    • Old buses and little demanded routes

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